AcroYoga is as the name implies: the blend of acrobats and yoga. This partnership practice is gaining highlights as you may have seen routines and pictures browsing through media and magazines. The balanced duo is not only inspiring, but it is a practice anyone can partake in. Do not be intimidated by the terms acrobat. You do not need to be a cirque de solei performer or master yogi to partake in the fun.

AcroYoga is for everyone and every body. Short, tall, fat, small, has no meaning in any yoga practice. As long as you are willing to practice patience, strength, and confidence, there is a place for you. AcroYoga involves a partner. There are three main components to the creation of these skillful asanas: the base, the flyer, and the spotter. The base is the foundation being the main weight supporting component and having the most contact with the
ground. The flyer typically is airborne using balance, core strength, and focus to maintain position with fluctuating center of gravity. The spotter is for safety to ensure smooth transitions and prevent injury to either partner. AcroYoga can involve daring poses, but there is a level of practice for each comfort level. Partner stretching is involved and the practice builds trust and strength. Because this discipline involves the trust of a companion, it creates a more focused and centered practice where the success of poses relies on mutual effort and balance. With the level of trust that is required, this practice is well suited for couples and spouses as they can grow their practice together and feel the mental and physical improvements.

Don’t have a partner? No worries! November 12 we will be hosting an AcroYoga workshop at our Crestview location. Come learn the basics and important safety techniques to protect both partners back and bodies. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to work with multiple partners and people familiar with the practice. The environment is perfect for learning how to get involved and to deepening your practice that already exist! If you are interested but nervous, this workshop is for you. Step out of your comfort zone. There is no weight, size, strength, and level of practice requirement. There is a place for everyone and every journey cannot start without taking the first steps forward. We have had amazing turnouts of participation during previous workshops with people completely surprised by the poses they were able to perform. Let us surprise you and join us for this fun filled session of performing yoga arts.

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