A dharma wheel is useful for enhancing stretching by opening up the back, chest, shoulders, quads, and hip flexors. There are a variety of uses for the yoga wheel, but it is essentially another prop to help assist in deeper stretches and accessing difficult poses. The dharma wheel helps create counter balance in difficult back bend poses and forearm stands. The wheel can be used for gentle practice or learning how to enter into full expression of poses such as pushing up into a handstand. Plenty of YouTube videos and tutorials exist for methods to using the yoga dharma wheel.
Dharma wheels can be pricey costing up to $100! This tutorial demonstrates how to make your own dharma wheel with no sawing or sanding required. Other tutorials require intensive labor of precise measuring, electric sawing, sanding, painting, and a whole list of required tools. This tutorial is simple, cheap, and no intensive labor required.
6-12 inch diameter PVC connector pipe found in your local hardware store (larger PVC can be purchased thru pipe companies)
Recycled yoga mat
Super glue or other permanent adhesive
1. This particular PVC piece is 6 inches in diameter and 6 inches in width. It is optional to spray paint the PVC any color you desire or leave it plain.
2. Measure or wrap a piece of strip around the circumference of the pipe and cut the exact length.
3. Place string on yoga mat and mark the length of the circumference. Measure 5.5 inches for the width to be cut from the mat.
4. Cut the yoga mat with designated width and length to cover the wheel. This cut piece of yoga mat will serve as the light cushioning over the yoga dharma wheel.
5. Use adhesive to glue one end of the mat to the wheel, leaving .25 inch of space on the edges. Continue to apply adhesive and roll wheel over the cut mat piece until it is completely covered.
It does not take more than 20 minutes to complete this yoga project and cost less than $12.00 for the 6 inch size (typical wheels are 12” and retail for over $59)! The wheel is a great tool to assist in the health and flexibility of the spine. This prop also offers new challenges and strength building for your yoga practice. Give this quick project a try and enjoy the years of use and benefits.

Yoga Junkie Studios will be offering this DIY as a workshop on February 25th in our Crestview studio location. Originally created by Sri Dharma Mittra, the Dharma Yoga Wheel is an amazing tool that helps anyone, from beginner to the advanced practitioner, move deeper into their yoga postures. The wheel stretches deep into the hard to reach places in the body including the shoulders, chest, abdomen, hip flexors, and spine. This amazing tool aids in deepening backbends, gaining flexibility in a variety of ways, and inviting a sense of play into your practice. Come join Deanna & Kristine to learn how to safely use the Dharma Yoga Wheel to unlock your hips, mid-back and shoulders.

In this workshop you will make your own Dharma Wheel with Kristine Normand and then Deanna Lock will lead you through a heart-opening flow asana practice using the wheel to tie it all together.

$45 fee for this workshop includes all materials to make your Dharma Wheel as well as instruction, demos and playtime using the wheel. Following the creative space will be an hour long yoga practice utilizing the wheel. To register:

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