Meditation over Medication

Meditation is as simple as sitting down, closing the eyes, and dropping into our “zone.” It is so simple yet we neglect giving our meditation and yoga practice the attention they rightfully deserve. Is it fear of the unknown? Lack of time? Lack of commitment? Lack of patience? Whatever the excuse is that we make up to distract us from the precious time of being fully present with our mind and body, Kristy Souto will assist you in overcoming any simulated barriers of resistance in a two-hour workshop. This workshop will focus on how to build an at home yoga and meditation practice that will motivate your passions instead of making meditation and yoga seem daunting.

Developing an at home practice can appear intimidating, but with Kristy’s guidance, you will leave the workshop with a new zest of ideas and eagerness to practice the methods you learn. A strong home practice is a necessity to anyone who is serious about the health of his or her mind, body, and spirit. Practicing at a studio is a great time to be instructed by a qualified teacher into poses and transitions, but there is nothing more gratifying then flowing with your own breath and the energy of your body. Sitting in meditation at home allows you the freedom of no time constraints or distractions of anyone around you. Practicing asanas (poses) at home allows you to creatively express yourself and flow, as you desire. Unrolling your mat at home builds confidence in postures and helps you feel your real edge. This freedom allows you to find a deepness and connection that might not be accessible during a class setting.

Kristy’s experience in teaching meditation and various styles of yoga has made her adept in narrowing down the key components to formulating a powerful method for creating a home practice. If you are ready to take your yoga practice deeper, learn more about yourself, and become more in touch with your souls journey to source, join Kristy March 25 from 2-4 PM at Yoga Junkie Studio in Crestview for a valuable workshop. $20 a space, reserve yours today!

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