Get to Know Our Teachers

Teri Sarkozy
Teri is the owner and yoga junkie at Yoga Junkie Studio.  Teri had been teaching group fitness classes back in the day and she added yoga to her regime as a way to round out her fitness.  She was there for the stretch and not the mental aspect.  Fast forward and now she can’t practice yoga without the spiritual aspects being included.  Teri’s classes are inclusive and she views the yoga mat as a magic carpet where you can follow your own journey.

Jacquie Barbee

She primarily teaches Gentle, Adaptive, and Beginner’s Yoga where she tries to create a nurturing and safe environment for students to explore their practice. Jacquie encourages the use of props and modifications for everyone so that the student can find a variation of the pose that fits the body rather than forcing the body into a yoga pose. She understands that all bodies are unique with differing histories and believes that a yoga practice can be adapted to fit any body type and ability.

Teri Schenke
Teri is from Niceville and has been practicing yoga for over 28 years. Teri turned to yoga to help lower her stress level from her corporate job and to expedite her recovery from major back surgeries. Teri is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others so they may to experience the many benefits of yoga. Teri enjoys Gentle, Restorative, Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga. Teri believes in honoring the body during all yoga practices – blending strength, balance, flexibility, calmness, and laughter to her classes.

Michelle Hill
Michelle began practicing yoga over 15 years ago as a way to balance the effects of running on her body. From this foundation of interest, her daily yoga practice became so much more. Yoga is a haven to release, increase vitality and build confidence. Yoga is a vital part of her well-being, and she strives to assist her students to find new opening in the body and in the mind.

Recey Yankauskas

Recey teaches meditation and breath work techniques that restores, relaxes and soothes your well-being. She moves you forward to gentle yoga while centering your mind, improving posture and flexibility. This is nice and easy slow movements, focusing proper alignment with the use of blocks, strap, bolster and blankets for different variations. Join her inspiring journey of fun, friendship and healing in her class.  She is a licensed massage therapist as well as skin and nail care specialist.

Kaitlin Fair
While hitting a peak in her stress-levels and suffering from an athletic injury at the same time, Kaitlin made yoga a consistent part of her workout routine. Through her practice, her stress levels and pain decreased, and her athletic abilities increased. Seeing these results, Kaitlin enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training and graduated with her 200-hours certification in 2017 to provide students a space to find both peace and strength through yoga. Kaitlin teaches classes that will get your blood pumping through powerful poses and upbeat playlists, accessible to all levels of yoga experience.

Molly Stockings

Molly is a teenager, 200RYT teacher filled to the brim with life, passion and joy. She is so excited to share her deepest passion of yoga with you, so we all can continue to open our hearts and minds to our own unique, brilliant experience of this life. She loves handstands, travelling, laughing, learning as much as possible and connecting with amazing people! See you on the mat.

Heidi Banks

After exploring methods to manage stress, release tension, and increase mental focus, Heidi experienced the benefits of Yoga several years ago and began a faithful practice in 2006. She pursued her passion for Yin Yoga and completed a 40- Hour Yin Yoga training with Divya Elting at Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center, in Pensacola, FL. In deepening her practice, she has learned that Yoga is the ultimate attitude adjustment because a consistent practice has the potential to make most things better. As a promoter of inner peace, she invites all students to open their hearts, breathe, and make space in their bodies. She hopes that her students will find grounding and balance both on and off the mat

Megan Dwyer
Born and raised in the Sunshine State, Megan started practicing yoga 10 years ago while living in South Florida. To Megan, yoga continually revitalizes her mind, body, and spirit. She considers it an honor and privilege to be able to create a space for students to do the same. Megan fiercely believes in the power of our thoughts and the laws of attraction. Her wish is for her students to leave class feeling lighter, feeling grounded, and feeling content with exactly where they are.

Michelle Moreland

Michelle has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. She fell in love with yoga in 2001 and can’t imagine life without it. While yoga is her primary passion, she is also a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer & teaches a variety of group exercise classes. She discovered early on that her purpose in life is to inspire others to become better versions of themselves. She believes that one should speak & live their truth, incorporate joy, fun & adventure while living a purposeful life.

Megan Willetts

As a gymnast, I fell in love with what my body was capable of at an early age.  I found yoga in my early 20’s and became even more amazed with what could happen with the body with breath, control and discipline.  I enjoy teaching a playful vinyasa class that will keep you challenged while being able to smile and maybe even laugh.  My “real job” as a massage therapist and doula complement my yoga practice and teaching.  All 3 professions keep my heart singing.